The Fortified Church Misentea

Fortified Church


Misentea 537269, Romania


The ancient origin of the church is indicated by two stone inscriptions: the year 1230 inscribed above the western window of the outer wall of the sacristy, and the year 1247 inscribed in a stone of the church fence.

The church today has a polygonal shape, with a beautiful apse, a baroque-modified nave and a tower built in the late 18th century.

The sanctuary has preserved its Gothic style. The corners are supported by buttresses, the Gothic windows has lace, the vault is supported by lintel. There is a monstrance box on the northern wall of the sanctuary. A bas-relief of the Holy Trinity could be seen on the front of the hall built on the southern side of the church.

A part of a mural representing the battle scene from the legend of Saint Ladislau was recently discovered on the northern wall of the nave. Other murals were discovered on the northern side of the sanctuary. A painting that represents the figure of a rider is probably a 17th century creation.

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